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  • ¿How to you compare prices?

    We have built algorithms and AI that identify the same product, in the same categories, across different stores. With this revolutionary new technology, we can present you the best offers, and conduct a fair comparison.
  • ¿What does the 'Winning Store' mean?

    The store with the best offer is always show in 1st place with a golden crown in the comparison results. Depending on your type of search, this can mean different things:

    • - Comparing Stores: The winning store has the best pricing across the majority of categories and products found in all the stores selected for comparison.
    • - Comparing Categories: The winning store has the best pricing on products found in the category you want to compare between the stores you selected.
    • - Comparing products: The winning store has the best price on the product you searched for compared to all other stores that carry that same product.
  • ¿Can I order stuff yet?

    For now, you can’t place an order through Nau. Currently it is a tool made to help inform every consumer’s purchase decision so that you get the best possible price. In the near future, you will be able to place an order on our app and get it delivered straight to your home.
  • ¿Why can I only compare 3 stores?

    Nau only compares identical products across the selected stores. The more stores you select, the less likely it is for all the stores to carry the same exact products. We recommend you make comparisons between your two favorite stores, but you can compare up to 3 stores at a time.